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Jennifer Nicole Lee works up a sweat playing volleyball

Apr. 17, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

Everyone's favorite candid-staging hottie is back at it again, and this time with balls in hand. That's right, Jennifer Nicole Lee was out and about playing volleyball, sporting a high-cut tee stating "KISS MY ABS!" while a million grains of sand refused to let go of her ass. For those of you who still don't understand why this woman is famous at all, let me clear things up. Back in the '90's, Jennifer had reached over 200 lbs. after having her second child. After taking off 70 lbs., Jennifer competed for "Miss Bikini America" and won. Soon after, she launched her career as a "fitness guru", becoming an expert on dieting and exercise. She founded her own company, JNL Inc. Worldwide in 2004, has released several successful books, and of course, her own swimsuit and clothing line. As of today, Jennifer has appeared on 44 magazine covers. She's been deemed "America's Sexiest Fitness Mom" by CBS News, one of the "Top Three Females in the Fitness Industry" on Yahoo Sports, one of Splash Online's "Best Celebrity Bikini Babes of 2011," an much more. If that isn't good enough for you, she's also expected to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming film PAIN AND GAIN, which will make her an official "movie hottie". So everyone just shut up and enjoy this woman's hard-earned, attention-grabbing glutes.

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3:28PM on 04/17/2013
I don't care what anyone says...I like looking at her butt.
I don't care what anyone says...I like looking at her butt.
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