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Jessica Alba and Maria Menounos touch each other a lot

Sep. 27, 2013by: Droz

Jessica Alba is all over lately doing press promotions for MACHETE KILLS or whatever else she's got going on. Her appearance on Extra featured an interview with one of that show's few saving graces, Maria Menounos wherein the two of them smiled loving at one another and hugged and kissed a lot (okay, maybe not kissed). That's good television right there. Just putting together two hotties from different entertainment worlds and letting them touch a lot. It's a lot more interesting than updating everyone on who's banging who or who got their latest DUI arrest in West Hollywood. Someone should do a show with Maria where she interviews other hotties in sexy places, like saunas or hot tubs or massage places. They'd have to do it on pay cable though, just in case someone's towel falls off or someone drinks a little too much wine and decides to go au naturel in in the pool. We can't have any of that getting blurred out.

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Extra Tidbit: Do you think it's a coincidence that they're completely surrounded by guys?
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Drool Back
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6:57PM on 09/27/2013
They couldn't stand back to back even once?!!!
They couldn't stand back to back even once?!!!
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