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Jessica Alba blows in bikinis

3 years agoby: Droz

Good to know that growing two kids inside her hasn't harmed Jessica Alba's ability to wear bikinis. Though it would seem that any notion of negative bodily reactions to pregnancy is forbidden among the rich and famous. Apparently being beautiful and desired gives them a certain elasticity that the plebs can only dream of. Of course, we don't make or break out careers on the look of our bodies. Good thing too, or I'd have been out of a job decades ago. I have to wonder - are Jessica's kids as disgusted by the idea of their mom blowing pool toys as I was as a kid? I actually started inflating my own pool toys way before it was practical, simply because I couldn't bear the idea of witnessing my mom huff and puff on Big Bird's tube. I might have been a little green on just why that was disturbing, but I somehow understood that I had no desire to be anywhere near where that sort of thing was happening. Then again, Jessica was not my mom. Probably still weird for her kids, but their friends will probably be stealing pool toys from neighbors backyards, just to keep her in the blow up business as often as possible.

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