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Jessica Alba does Xmas shopping in Hollywood style

Dec. 20, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I've decided to exclude any of the pictures of Honor Warren, the older of Jessica Alba's two kids because while it's awesome that she's out being a mommy and getting her Xmas shopping done like any other mommy this time of year, I still think it's sorta lousy that the paparazzi won't cut her a little bit of slack when she's hauling her kids around. It's hard enough to do alone, let alone while fighting holiday crowds AND having people in groups trying to take your picture. Jess is certainly a top tier MILF in casual attire for her spin out in Santa Monica over the weekend. Now I just need to start running around taking pictures of the "regular" women in the world, the ones who religiously buy copies of US Weekly, so that they can see what they look like getting into and out of their cars. Wonder how much blackmail money I could stir up.

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Source: Daily Mail
Tags: Jessica Alba

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1:33PM on 12/20/2011
Alba is awesome. That is all.
Alba is awesome. That is all.
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9:25AM on 12/20/2011
Looks like she needs a shopping buddy :]
Looks like she needs a shopping buddy :]
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