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Jessica Alba gets sexy with toys, but not the kind we were hoping

Jan. 16, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

Well, you can't deny that Jessica Alba was once a hottie who was very dear to us movie fans (she's probably still swinging a lasso on some of our bedrooms walls, in that SIN CITY poster we're "getting around to" replacing). However, you also can't deny Jessica has really let us hottie lovers down over the past few years. Add that to the sudden realization that she's not the most engaging actress; at least not even more. Hell, the majority of you schmoes declared Alba guilty, and now she's singing the blues in Movie Jail. Unfortunately, it seems she's been in Hottie Purgatory for a while longer.

Will 2013 be the year that Jessica's hotness rises once again? If these images of Alba from InStyle magazine are any indication, well probably not. Let's be honest. Some photographer thought it'd be clever to surround Jessica with children's toys, since she has a reputation for being deeply active and involved with her kids. That's great and all, but it seems like that's the only side to her now. Where's the truly sexy side we once knew? Put her on a pogo stick or something fun like that! Get her in a bikini and let her slide down the Crocodile Mile (just be sure to clear the rocks first). Oh well, it looks like we're stuck with a more bored, contemplative Alba an excessive use of purple eye-makeup. Enjoy?

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