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Jessica Alba gussies herself up for the first time in a while

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

This is quite the pleasant sight to see. By no means has Jessica Alba lost any credibility as one of the sexiest women alive, but she hasn't looked this good in some time. Even with all the bikini pics she's been spitting out this summer, she's always either dressed too loose or covering way too much. Then when she's been out and about lately, she's always wearing black, with her hair up, sunglasses on and showing no physical shape for the most part. She might just want to refrain from looking like any sort of sex-symbol in front of her kids, which I can respect, I guess. No complaints here, as she's gussied up once again, forcing her cleavage to come out, probably to impress some studio execs or something. For whatever reason it may be, it's nice to see her really sizzle again. I'm glad she hasn't completely pined away, and is willing to work her stuff some more. She may be a MILF, but she's only 31-years-old, and I'd be super stoked to see her dancing on tables again in SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR.

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9:35PM on 07/27/2012
That is such a cute dress on her!
That is such a cute dress on her!
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