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Jessica Chastain is red on red

May. 28, 2013by: Droz

Somehow I missed this set of photos from February's Instyle magazine featuring Jessica Chastain. Better late than never, I guess. Jessica is a great actress who it seems is the go to woman to appear in anything the powers that be feel has Oscar contention. For that reason I've come to see her as this deep thespian type, unmarred by any of the base carnality involved with getting naked and doing sexy shit on screen. And then I caught her movie JOLENE. Coming out 5 years ago before Jessica really blew up, the story follows a young orphan, played by Jessica, who hits the road and finds "love and heartbreak" along the way. That's the nice summary. What's really important is that Jessica gets naked, gets fingered by a lesbian and then does a topless striptease - you know, the standard orphan on-the-road experience. Now that Jessica has hit the big time, I worry that we'll never see her again consider the bi-curious stripper roles again. That would be a shame, because she's really good at it. Check out this NSFW clip of her fine work in JOLENE as evidence of that.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: NSFW


Drool Back
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7:55PM on 05/28/2013
That last image reminds me of Tenebre.

This is a stunning set.
That last image reminds me of Tenebre.

This is a stunning set.
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