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Jessica Jane Clement and her boobs decide to stay in bed

Dec. 17, 2012by: Droz

There are so many hot, semi-slutty women over in England doing their slutty thing on the pages of seemingly every publication and media production imaginable. You got to wonder where they find them all. You wouldn't think a modestly-sized island nation like that would have so many huge gazongas running around. I suppose that's where the implants come in handy. Jessica Jane Clement, here modelling some rather nice sheer underwear, is guilty of enhancing herself to meet the English demand for massive mammaries. With an overall package like hers, I think we can forgive her for having a little extra something here and there. Terribly wrong that we don't see very much of Jessica over here in the States. That could change, though. With international knockouts like Keeley Hazell retiring from boob display piece to more challenging pursuits, the English will need to fortify their dwindling bewb exports. Jessica looks like she'd fill that quota nicely.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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Drool Back
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8:10PM on 12/17/2012
What happened to her ugly tattoos?
What happened to her ugly tattoos?
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