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Jessie Andrews makes for the sexiest ballerina you've ever seen perform

Feb. 11, 2014by: ResidentRiddle64

Hmm. Well, this is nice. It's not very often that you see a gal do these kind of awesome moves in a bikini for all to see. You'd really have to be comfortable with your body and having people see you from all different angles. Ha. What is she? A porn star? Ha. Oh… I'm not all that familiar with this chick Jessie Andrews, so you can understand my surprise when I go online to discover she's an adult actress. Apparently she's also a DJ and jewelry designer, so…those are like two of my dream jobs right there. I won't tell you which, though. Either way, here we can see her in an extremely tiny flower-clad bikini and props to whoever took these pictures. They were probably taken from the back for convenience purposes on his part, but thankfully for him (and us), the backside of this gal seem to be the best part of her. Whether this is promotional or just for fun, I'm loving it. Now to do a little, uh, research on this flexible hottie. Excuse me. 

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Are you familiar with Andrews's line of work?


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1:24PM on 02/11/2014
I've never heard of her, but I love her tits.
I've never heard of her, but I love her tits.
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