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Jewel is looking like a straight up fox at the American Country Awards

Dec. 12, 2013by: ResidentRiddle64

I don't much like country music, so I was not tuning in to the American Country Awards the other night. I do feel like I missed out, though. Country hottie Jewel showed up wearing this little number. Not only does it show off her boobs wonderfully, but it's just tight and short enough to get me bouncing off the walls like the inside of a pinball machine. In all honestly, I've kind of forgotten about Jewel. Yes, she's gorgeous and has the voice of an angel with a twang, but after "Who will say-ee-ave your soul?" came out, I suppose she started doing things that I never came across. I'm happy that our reunion this morning came with all this hotness. Usually, my reunions with family or classmates involves obesity, divorce, funerals and depression. Here's to the next time we see each other, Jewel. Here's to next time.

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Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Jewel's music?
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12:18PM on 12/15/2013
One of my soft spot singers but she pretty much lost me after 0304.
One of my soft spot singers but she pretty much lost me after 0304.
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