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Joanna Krupa is red hot and see-through

1 year agoby: ResidentRiddle64

These kinds of dresses always confuse the hell out of me. I see the skin under the dress and think to myself, "Hell yeah! This chick is all sorts of naked and she's totally showing off everything! Oh mai Gad!" A few weeks go by until I say to myself, "Wait.. How do I know that wasn't just nude clothing material to make it LOOK like it was totally see-through?" That's when I usually throw a fit and start knocking over all my breakable materials all CITIZEN KANE style. That is, until, I find some new pictures involving the see through dresses. It's a vicious cycle. Anyway, one who has added to this is none other than Joanna Krupa. I guess this is at some Pre-Superbowl Party and I have to say, this is absolute bullshit. Of all the Super Bowl parties I've been to, there are no women and even if there are, they're wearing sweatpants that smell like me and an XL shirt that has chili con queso stains on it. Never once do any of them come looking like this. I gotta start going to better parties. Or being more accepting of my friend's girlfriends. Hmm. 

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