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Joanna Krupa knows how to wash a car

Oct. 18, 2013by: Droz

From the looks of things were I live, you'd never know that we're on the cusp of the holiday season, which is supposed to be chilly and cold here in the northern hemisphere. I'm sure there are some places conforming to those weather conditions around these parts, but not where me and Joanna Krupa live. It must still be June here and that means the cars need a washin'. Cue Joanna, who never fails to make with a public display of her admittedly sexy body. Bikini tops and ripped cut offs are the way to go when the ladies wash a car. Though it puts me in mind of a problem with car washes, namely that the vast majority of places where your car is washed don't have attendants like this. It's usually immigrant laborers breaking their asses for peanuts. Not to knock the hard-working immigrants, but I'd much rather have a set of hotties in bikinis detailing my shitty ride. Imagine the popularity of a car where guys can stand around and watch as Hooters girls to detail their cars in various sexy outfits. We see the sexy car wash happen in movies all the time. I can't believe no one has made a business out of it yet.

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