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Joanna Krupa should wash cars for a living

3 years agoby: Salacious Crumb

Does anyone remember The Man Show? Of course you do. Girls jumping on trampolines? That's pretty much the only thing memorable about that show, other than the Juggy Dance Squad. Apparently one of those Juggies wound up on Dancing With The Stars and did quite well. This Polish hottie goes by the name Joanna Krupa, and she actually reached pretty respectable heights, thanks to those jugs, hosting the Polish version of America's Next Top Model (Poland's Next Top Model [duh]). She's also currently on The Real Housewives Of Miami, which somehow seems less prestigious. The dude she's married to is a nightclub owner, and an asshole (because he owns nightclubs for a living), and he really shouldn't be the only one with the luxury of having his own personal bikini car wash girl. I guess this is how he spends his afternoons, hosing down his hot 33-year-old wifey as she washes his Ferrari while the drooling paparazzi takes pictures. Not a bad life, I suppose. Let's all sign a petition to make this guy the first sacrifice during a zombie apocalypse, comprende?

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Extra Tidbit: What do you make of Joanna's car-washing technique?
Source: Hollywood Tuna
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11:22PM on 09/12/2012

Oh no, she's not playing to the paparazzi at all, is she?


Banging body, though.

Banging body, though.
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1:11AM on 09/13/2012
My thoughts exactly. Self-exploitation at it's best.
My thoughts exactly. Self-exploitation at it's best.
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