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08.18.2011by: Seth Gecko

You guys remember way back when we first had a YouTube page for the JoBlo Network and it was doing pretty well with the JoBlo Movie Show, tributes, interviews, etc? To be honest folks the number one thing I do remember about that incredible page is that the administrators seriously had a hard-on for anything we uploaded and we were constantly slapped with "copyright infringement" notes, legal roadblocks, threats against our lives (not really but close enough) and so on. Eventually the page was shutdown and the thought of ever having a YouTube site again was shrouded in darkness. However with a little time, patience, skill and top-shelf liquor, the official YouTube page has FINALLY RETURNED!

That's right ladies and gents, we've once again recreated our YouTube empire and are joining it with our ever expanding social media network which includes Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. Together with JoBlo Videos, the new YouTube page also features a ton of our best work (all in glorious HD!) and will be constantly updated from this point forward with the latest interviews, mash-ups and whatever the hell else we deem worthy of uploading for your enjoyment. All of my popular Hottie of the Month videos and tributes/dedications can all be seen as well as our famous celebrity interviews which have all been remastered for HD quality video and audio. This is only just the beginning for the new YouTube page folks and we hope you check it out frequently for all the latest scoops and exclusive clips. Please enjoy and thanks for reading!




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