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Johnny's Girl

May. 22, 2008by: Cherry Liquor

Let's talk for a second about Vanessa Paradis. First, let me start by saying that I'm sick of hearing people call her (or reading it in print/online) "Gappy." Lauren Hutton was a gorgeous successful model with a gap between her teeth. Madonna is one of the most successful women in music's history and she's got a gap. So get over it, will you?

I personally adore Paradis. She's graceful, she's French and she gets to f*ck Johnny Depp. Actually, she's tamed him, domesticated him and must have some magical powers up her sleeve because after 10 years of being together, the man still talks about her like a love-sick Jr. High School student. I dig that.

She's moving back into the spotlight again as more than just being Johnny Depp's girl. With Kirsten Dunst's rehab and relapse problems for drug and alcohol abuse, Paradis was tapped to replace her as the spokeswoman for Miu Miu, the "more affordable" offshoot of the Prada line of clothing and handbags. And if I had to choose between looking at Vanessa and looking at Dunst, I'd choose "Gappy" any day of the week.

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Extra Tidbit: Is it just me, or does Paradis kinda look like the Parisian version of the MILF-licious Leslie Mann?
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