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Jordana Brewster talks about her potential for going under the knife in Ocean Drive Magazine

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
One of the stars of the highly anticipated 6th sequel to the FAST & FURIOUS franchise isn't too worried about on-set injuries, either from filming the movie or from when she's on set for her TV reboot, "Dallas." The actress didn't even flinch when she recently needed to be transported to the hospital for stitches, thinking that it might have been possible to super-glue the wound and keep right on working, yet the on-set F&F medical team determined that slicing her hand open on jagged, dirty metal might need a doctor's looksee. But in regards about cosmetic surgery, Jordana admits, "I haven't started yet, but I'm definitely not against it. If there are tools out there, why not use them? On the other hand, I really need my forehead for acting. I need to be able to crease it and express myself, so I don't think I'd go crazy on the Botox. And I've read studies that say it can both inhibit your ability to empathize with people or - because you're not frowning so much - make you happier in general. So it can go either way." Jordana never ceases to trip me out. Tough but worried about her looks? Weird.

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