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Jordana Brewster's hotness is making my turtle come out of its shell

11 months agoby: ResidentRiddle64

Just kidding, I'm circumcised. 

Anyway, while there has definitely been an insane amount of Megan Fox hotness going around with the release of the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES movie, I couldn't resist putting up these pics of Jordana Brewster moments after finding them on the internets. Is it hard to see why? The woman is absolutely gorgeous and typically, I have to pay good money and sit through a Fast and Furious movie to get a good look at her. Now, why in the hell would I do that when I have perfectly good pictures of her on here? Exactly. I just saved myself purchasing a F&F movie ticket. You're welcome, self. Anyway, by the looks of it, she's not in the movie, but that's not stopping her from showing up to the premiere and looking insanely beautiful. It's not everyday you get an opportunity to upstage Mrs. Fox and when you're wearing this tight, little black dress like she is here, you know you've got a decent shot.

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8:49PM on 08/04/2014

I like Jordana, but she needs to eat a bit more.

Additionally, did I miss something? I thought it was okay to like Fast and Furious now.
Additionally, did I miss something? I thought it was okay to like Fast and Furious now.
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