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Jordin Sparks is putting her charity where her mouth is

09.18.2012by: Cherry Liquor
I'm not the biggest fan of Jordin Sparks, as if that matters to anyone other than myself, but I do like when celebrities are able to bring in money for charities that truly deserve the attention and funding. Many of the young celebrities are pushed into supporting certain foundations based on the name recognition of the charity. Think about it, how many times have you seen a child actor be all about the "Make a Wish" foundation? That's great, please don't stop taking money and whatnot away from them, but it's kind cool that Sparks chose a lesser known charity to devote time to, one called Childhelp, an organization that helps prevent child abuse, not just by pulling the kids from their homes and slapping them into foster care but by offering a lot of preventative classes and support systems so that these youth understand that being beaten is not an OK punishment for every little thing you do wrong. The organization has been around for 50 years and yet I bet you didn't know that it's one of the few charities which offers free access to teachers, doctors, psychologists and law enforcement officials so that the abused and neglected children have the opportunity and resources with which to go get help by themselves. Taking away the stigma and the fear of speaking up is the most important part. I still don't think I (or any of those abused kids who don't wear purity rings are) am a slut, though, Jordin. Just sayin'...

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