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Julianne Hough got some hot friends

2 years agoby: Droz

So Julianne Hough has been keeping a low profile as far as public appearances go for the last few weeks following her infamous black face incident at Halloween. Not the smartest of things to do, but also not the malevolent gesture some people wanted to believe it was. I'm willing to believe that she's just not that smart and wasn't aware of what she was doing. A lack of forethought and consideration is a common trait in celebrity circles nowadays. Julianne was smart enough to bring her hot friend along with her for coffee the other day, keeping it low key while her girlfriend took over the being hot duties. That friend's name is Cara Santana, an actress and a regularly covered pap subject herself. I'm digging that super leggy, baggy sweater look of hers. It's kind of revealing, but in a different sort of way. Reminds me of when the ladies slip on your shirt and walk around in only that. Those are looks that stimulate the imagination center of the brain, which is that most potent of erogenous zones. It's good to keep that stimulated. I can imagine plenty of fun things to do with both these ladies.

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