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Julianne Hough makes us huff and puff at the Safe Haven photocall

Feb. 20, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

Here are the two things I know for sure about SAFE HAVEN: One, Julianne Hough is involved, and two, I still will probably never see it. Granted I don't believe I've seen any of Hough's movies, and who knows? Perhaps one day I'll have a bad break-up and happen to come across it on HBO, then I'll turn it on just because I hate myself. I think it goes without saying, though, that romance releases in February are the absolute worst. Still, they're bound to make money, which is why Julianne and her co-star Josh Duhamel were out in London doing this photocall, to remind couples that just because Valentine's Days is over doesn't mean it's too late to send $20 down the drain. I have nothing personal against Duhamel, who recently impregnated Fergie (soon to be singing about her lovely baby bump). But can someone explain why this guy, who looks remarkably similar to my drunken 40-something neighbor, has apparently been typecast as the everygirl's dreamboat? Is there something charming about a guy who doesn't take the time to shave or bathe? Cause two can play at that game!

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7:32PM on 02/20/2013
She is flying up my favorite hotties list
She is flying up my favorite hotties list
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