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Juliette Lewis looks happy to be redefining her beauty at the premiere of August Osage County

Dec. 19, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

I guess movies designed to be aimed at the demographic of old chicks don't have to have titles that make the movie sound interesting in any way, shape or form. If you make it, the biddies will figure out where to go see it. That seems to be the case in the naming of AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY, a movie which is going to hinge on the popularity of Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts amongst the pre-, current and post menopausal women out there.

Which makes it all that much more fascinating to me that one of the other stars of the movie, endearing former drug addict, sometimes rocker and all around most awesome former flame of Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis looks so damn good as she's working her first year of her fourth decade. Lewis was decked out in a purple gown and decorative princess crown for the Los Angeles premiere of the film, eclipsing the look of all the other women on hand (yes, I'm including the young Abigail Breslin in that assessment). I like this change of pace from Juliette. She's one of those sexier as they age women.

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Source: Daily Mail


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