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Kaley Cuoco looks super cute at the CBS Press Tour

07.29.2010by: Cherry Liquor
I dig on Penny... Penny... Penny... Well, Kaley Cuoco of "The Big Bang Theory," that is. I ended up purchasing the first season of the show on a whim when it was on sale stupidly cheap at Target and ended up digging it so much that I went and bought Season 2, damn the price! (Actually, I snagged it pretty cheap too.) I admire how Jim Parsons, who plays the popular Sheldon Cooper and voices the "Bazinga!" app that I have on my phone, and how was able to create one of the funniest new characters in television. Then again, I also love that Cuoco has a insane sense of comedic timing that is getting overshadowed by how damn cute she is. According the the CBS panel talking about Season 4, starting this fall, the show is getting pushed to Thursdays (like I care, since I just buy entire season when it's over... better that way) and the cast is hammering out their contract negotiations where they've banded together "Friends" style to get raises.

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Extra Tidbit: Jim Parsons was quoted as saying that the San Diego Comic Con was like a pep rally and that the show's fans are "sweetest, least psychotic people Ive ever met.
Source: EW
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12:56PM on 07/29/2010
Kaley is awesome. Funny and hot.
Kaley is awesome. Funny and hot.
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11:38AM on 07/29/2010
I love her.
I love her.
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