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Kaley Cuoco & the Big Bang boys perform at Alzheimer's fundraiser

Mar. 18, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
I find myself yearning for DVDs of the current season of "The Big Bang Theory" to be released before the season is finished, mainly because I like to watch the episodes over and over at my personal leisure and I'm impatient about waiting for this to happen. I will get a chance to see my Kaley Cuoco branch out and be the funny woman in the upcoming HOP, which yes, I will be seeing because while Jason Lee might have been a sell-out for those chipmunks, James Marsden has proven himself to be the bee's knees when it comes to family entertainment flicks and it's a great chance to catch two of my favorite flavors. I don't know what Kaley and the boys were performing here at the 19th Annual Night at Sardi's fundraiser but I do know that the foundation is in place to earn money for Alzheimer's research and education, which is purty darn swell.

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Extra Tidbit: Damn that scar on her leg (from her horse riding accident last year) is gnarly. I love that she's baring her legs again. This chick rocks.
Source: Zimbio
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2:32AM on 03/19/2011

Fine looking woman

and has great comedic timing. I like.
and has great comedic timing. I like.
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1:39PM on 03/18/2011
Cute and what not.
Cute and what not.
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