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Kat Graham looks real pretty with her not real green eyes

Feb. 17, 2014by: Cherry Liquor

I have said that there are things which shouldn't be seen in high definition. It's true and it's the main reason why you're going to have to take me to the bluray trend kicking, screaming and only converting once there's no other option but to. However, when it comes to debunking claims from Hollywood stars, I'm all for a little high definition to kill false proclamations.

Kat Graham, who is every bit a gorgeous young woman that you can catch on "The Vampire Diaries" if you can stomach that dramatic type of programming, has been saying that she has green eyes. With the help of contact lenses, she has green eyes. There's nothing wrong with being a brown-eyed girl, even if you're looking for every handhold that you can find in order to make an impact in this glutted Hotties market. Looking at the high resolution images of Kat's eyes while she was dressed up on the red carpet for the Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Awards, you can clearly see the outline of those green contacts.

Kat, honey, please. You're a beautiful woman. You really don't need those things. You can want them and that's cool and all but I want you to know that you don't NEED them. I really hope you know that.


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Source: Daily Mail

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4:45PM on 02/17/2014
Damn hottie i neeed to watch vampire diaries again
Damn hottie i neeed to watch vampire diaries again
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10:13AM on 02/17/2014
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