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Kate Beckinsale in a t-shirt and jeans is still hotter than anyone you know

2 years agoby: Droz
Kate Beckinsale was out jaywalking in a t-shirt and jeans the other day, putting all nearby, intricately coiffed and stylized women to shame with her innate hotness. If only we could all look this amazing when wearing our grubby clothes. I put on grubby shit and I look homeless. They throw change at me. The one and probably only advantage I have over Kate in anything is cellphone model. I find it fascinating that she's still working with an old flip phone from like 10 years ago. You nary see a celeb around anymore without an iPhone permanently grafted to their palm. I wonder why Kate hasn't upgraded to some Apple or Android device yet. She's probably got way too many things happening to worry about that kind of nonsense. Things like warding off the near constant sexual advances from her incredibly lucky husband. That guy will never need Viagra as long as he's got Kate around.

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Drool Back
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11:17PM on 06/10/2013
I think it's physically impossible to take a bad photo of this woman.
I think it's physically impossible to take a bad photo of this woman.
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