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Kate Beckinsale wows willing watchers with white wrapped whoopie cakes

Feb. 19, 2013by: Droz

Hey, it must be a good day because along comes Kate Beckinsale in some tight thing at some fashion event for some overpriced whatever. Or if it wasn't a good day, it will be now. Kate has a way of making that happen. Shit can be going wrong all over the place and suddenly there's Kate's ass and warm smile to make everything okay again. Imagine what it must be like to live with her. Could you ever really be depressed or pessimistic again? I don't think so. You might try to get dour or moody, sitting on the edge of the bed, wrapped up whatever troubling minutiae preoccupies you in that moment. Then comes Kate into the bedroom, perhaps getting undressed right in front of you, her perfect ass in your face as she bends over to fetch something from the bottom drawer of the dresser. Suddenly everything you've been fretting over melts away and your whole world is now encompassed with the vision of perfection spreading out before you. It's at such a moment one must surely go from misery to the sublime knowledge that you have achieved the best in life. No experience will ever be better than that.

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Extra Tidbit: Damn you, Les Wiseman.
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10:19PM on 02/19/2013
Three cheers for alliteration! And for Beckinsale's butt in that dress!
Three cheers for alliteration! And for Beckinsale's butt in that dress!
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