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Kate Hudson slips into another red bikini

2 years agoby: Droz

You might remember the last time Kate Hudson slipped into a red bikini, it was quite the bootylicious moment.

A few years on from that, Kate's still rocking the red bikinis in a pretty decent manner, especially considering that she's birthed two kids with that body. Though I think these pics put to rest all that speculation about whether she got herself a boob job. Clearly Kate still makes use of the push-up cleavage enhancement techniques. Good for her. Yeah, Kate's not well endowed titty wise, but she's at least got something there and they don't appear to have suffered any side effects from aging or motherhood. I can understand implants for when there's an obvious issue, like when one size is smaller or differently shaped, or if the closing of the breast-based milk factory has resulted in some sagging issues. If your only problem is that you didn't draw the big tits card in the genetic lottery, I say eschew the silicone and embrace your bee stings. Of course, if they ever manage to come up with an true penis enlargement method, I might have to change my stance there. Ahem, not that I'd ever need that or anything.

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Drool Back
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10:32PM on 02/28/2013
She has a good body.
She has a good body.
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