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Kate, Salma, Oh My!

Feb. 22, 2008by: Seth Gecko

Wow, you gotta love these art shows and restoration events because they always manage to bring out the hottest babes in Hollywood. I swear that they make up a new event each year so that these ladies will just come out and look fantastic for the cameras. If this is the case, I thank you Hollywood (but I'll still never forgive you for not giving Ed Harris an Oscar after all these years).

We've got a tasty treat for everyone this morning which comes in the form of beautiful actresses such as Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek and others as they walk down the red carpet for the "Grisogonos Hollywood Dominos Benefiting The Art Of Elysium" event (Who makes these titles up dude?). Many other gorgeous ladies attended but the real starlet had to be Kate who just looks like sex in a black dress. This woman can have any man she wants and no one can argue that when they see the photos below of her. Not only that but she's also extremely talented and a very nice person which just seals the deal in my opinion. Salma also looked gorgeous for the event and I have to ask myself, has she ever not looked good?

So gents, indulge yourselves in the fantastic candids below and stay tuned for more updates. The hottie photos below are in the following order: Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson and Michelle Trachtenberg (She looks like a friggin' vampire).

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