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Kate Upton gets in the Movember spirit with Team Gillette

Oct. 25, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

One of my favorite charities promotes the growth of facial hair and honestly, can you think of a better thing (or more easy??) thing to do to raise money for cancer prevention and awareness? The Movember movement has been taking place every November (cute retitling from a Mo - or mustache) since 2004, when it was first initiated in Australia and New Zealand, once again making those awesome Aussies and Kiwis the kickstarters to greatness.

In 2007, many other countries joined the cause, including the good ol' US of A. Since then the Mo Bros who get involved have ditched their razors and proceeded to grow some of the most fantastically wonderful and wonderfully fantastic lip smears to ever grace locations other than a 1970's porn set, all in the name of charity.

Now that it's an official Mo-vement, the good people over at Gillette have begun promoting the event on a grander scale, calling in the big guns - that being Kate Upton's famous breasts. The Sports Illustrated cover model joined the Gillette Mo Bros and showed her support, fanning a fake 'stache in front of her face, causing waves of men around the world to chuck their 5-blades into the trash with one hand while simultaneously beating their meat with the other.

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Extra Tidbit: Do YOU plan on taking part in Movember?
Source: ZimbioUS.Movember


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