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Kate Upton needs someone to show her some love

Dec. 14, 2012by: Droz

You might remember we featured the BTS movie of Kate Upton's German GQ shoot a few days back. Now we get the full magazine spread, which is a decidedly disjointed affair I must say. You got some really weird imagery there. At one point the pics resemble the boring fashion spread thing. Then it goes into some kind of hybrid between that and a sexy photo spread. Then it completely degenerates into full on hand bra action and bottomless teasing. Those nutty Germans, they can't keep anything straight. And what's this about Kate Upton needing love? Seriously? I would have thought Kate had people (guys) lined up around the corner to give her love. Maybe the problem harkens back to that great line from George Carlin:"They're the one's who are so full of love, they can't help gettin' some of it on ya. Usually on your leg."

Yeah, Kate probably gets a lot of that.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Source: Photoshoot

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