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Kate Walsh joins the Bikinis in Miami club, makes 45 look awesome

Dec. 13, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
Former "Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh will be ending her current show, "Private Practice," after its sixth season next year, leaving her plenty of free time to spend with family, go on vacations and, I don't know, do the 40+ and fabulous thing in a bikini on the beaches of Miami. So many of the stars from movies, television and otherwise have been heading down to Florida to enjoy their endless summer weather and perhaps put it to their career exposure like a magnifying glass to ants on a sidewalk. If you're afraid you won't see Walsh after her show ends, never fear. The actress is set for a role in SCARY MOVIE 5, coming to destroy box office returns in 2013. I could get the original need for a parody with the first installment of that series and even thought that the second one had more funny bits than the first (Tori Spelling, collapsing breast implants and all, I still feel can have a wonderfully self-deprecating sense of humour. I might be the only one who likes her, but at least I'm being open and honest about it.)

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Source: Daily Mail


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8:59PM on 12/13/2012

Nice :)

Never knew she had such great tits, I would definitely motorboat that ass too...
Never knew she had such great tits, I would definitely motorboat that ass too...
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