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Kate Winslet is skin tight at her Venice Film Festival premiere

4 years agoby: Droz

Definitely liking the dress Kate Winslet chose to the premiere of her new movie CARNAGE at the Venice Film Festival. Well, 2/3rds of the dress anyway. For some reason it appears to become a Big Mouth Bass there at the shoulders, seemingly about to swallow her whole. Not that the thought hadn't occurred to me as well. I imagine that, much like Alabama from TRUE ROMANCE, Kate would taste just like a ripe peach.

Kate has been the top of my list for celebrity sexual encounter fantasies ever since TITANIC. Before that, really. Back in those days, when I was a much stupider person who decided getting hitched was a good idea, I instituted the caveat that many a married couple make, whereby each partner has one "out" should some amazing and highly improbable circumstance present itself. No big surprise that Kate was my out. And although it was just a fantasy, it was nonetheless a fantasy filled with a remarkable amount of raw, sexual potency. Several years later, nothing has really changed about that fantasy. Kate is still at the top of my list. And with all the celebrity hotties out there to choose from, that's really saying something about how well she's holding up.

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Extra Tidbit: Check out my man John C. Riley getting a little ass grab action in that last pic. I'm totally with you on that call, buddy.
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Drool Back
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3:07AM on 09/03/2011

Smokin' as always

but how the hell can she walk in that thing???
but how the hell can she walk in that thing???
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8:32PM on 09/02/2011
Lovely form, Ms. W.
Lovely form, Ms. W.
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