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Katee Sackhoff tweets some wrap pictures of herself in a bikini, Karen Gillan in prison garb

Oct. 23, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
I like that Katee Sackhoff is apparently a very natural kind of woman for being the sci-fi babe that so many nerd manboys lust over. If you cruise through her Twitter account, you'll see everything from her posing in various bikinis, having Nathan Fillion (practically) attach himself to her face, go without makeup, show herself getting her hair dyed... the list goes on. The actress recently wrapped production on a movie called OCULUS, a horror film that will co-star "Dr Who" fan fave, Karen Gillan as well as a really cute young natural redhead named Annalise Basso, who is apparently playing Katee's daughter who happens to turn out to be the younger version of Gillan. I don't know how old she is, but what a cute young thing. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned up in more stuff later based solely on her dazzling look.

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Source: Twitter

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