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Kate's Mean Outtakes

Jun. 6, 2008by: Seth Gecko

I have an idea for these big magazine names that will make them a ton of cash. As we all know already, movie studios love to release a ridiculous amount of editions for a single film (I'm talking to you Fox!) and depending on the quality of the release, most people such as myself go out and buy it which makes them even more money. Now as you all know as well, magazines such as Esquire and many others tend to release outtakes from their celebrity photoshoots shortly after the main release of the chosen shots. These shots tend to be even hotter than the original ones chosen which is damn odd. So what they should do is release an "Alternate Version" magazine shortly after that includes just the outtakes from the original shoot. I'd most certainly buy these.

The reason I bring this up is because Mean magazine has just released their outtake photos from the recent shoot featuring the orgasmic Kate Beckinsale in knee high socks, an orange dress shirt and a body that is too hot to touch. The shots you see below feature Kate in an entirely different wardrobe such as a tight spandex or PVC mini-skirt and various other bits of see-through attire. I want to buy these photos but I can't cause they're outtakes. C'mon gents, chant with me..."OUTTAKES IN A SEPERATE MAGAZINE NOW!"

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