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Kate's Whiteout Promos

7 years agoby: Seth Gecko

You might remember way back at the beginning of the year when we reported some brand-new photos from Kate Beckinsale's upcoming graphic-novel adaption of "Whiteout" and the fact that she looked quite yummy in a big winter jacket. Back then however, the movie was scheduled to release all the way back in September of THIS YEAR. However, after two big delays, the film won't hit theatres until September of NEXT YEAR. What the hell is up with that? Either the movie's awful or someone can't get the scheduling done right.

Either way, we've got a long time to wait but to help us along until the big release, the studio has released two fresh promotional shots featuring Kate as she handles some firepower. It may not be "Underworld" but seeing her pissed off with a firearm is quite exciting in my opinion. So enjoy the wonderful shots below and keep an eye out for the flick on September 11, 2009.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: I don't think Kate will be able to shoot off that gun in the second photo with those big-ass mits on. It's Hollywood however so I'm sure she'll find a way.


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11:58AM on 12/15/2008
always hot.
always hot.
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