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Katherine Jenkins sings the National Anthem at Aintree, looks like a Hitchcock blonde while doing so

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
I don't know anything about horse racing and I understand that there are always going to be plenty of people who prefer protecting animals over humans, so the protesters who showed up to disrupt the ceremonies at Aintree Racecourse on Grand National Day make sense to me. I just didn't think there was as pervasive an anti-animal cruelty mind-set in the UK as there is in the US, but cheers to me learning something new all the time. The protestors complained about the grueling races which left two horses dead after last year's event. All I can think is that the promoters were smart to get Katherine Jenkins, a Welsh mezzo-soprano opera singer who can surely hit all the National Anthem notes for Anthems the world wide. For you Whovians, you already know Katherine appeared on the Xmas episode of "Doctor Who" in 2010. For us Americans, our parents know her as being a competitor on "Dancing with the Stars." I think the 32-year old is a complete stunner who would have been instantly cast by Hitchcock. That's impressive.

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Source: The Sun


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