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Katherine Webb in a bikini, because life is too short

Apr. 18, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

You all remember Katherine Webb for that whole Brent Musburger escapade, in which he made remarks about her similar to the ones your pervy uncle makes about your new girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, right? How could you forget? It was a mountain made out of the tiniest molehill, being talked about all over the internet like a Barbara Bush sex tape. Since then, things have obviously worked out great for the former Miss Alabama, as she's currently starring on the celebrity diving reality show "Splash". More importantly, Webb was also featured as one of the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, which we regretfully never got to put up. Well, here they are today! I noticed that Katherine had been hanging out in a bikini at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas earlier this week. After staring at that for 10 minutes, I had the urge to look up her "Swimsuit Issue" spread, and then thought "why not share these with the masses?". Sorry they're a little late, but I think by the time you're done scrolling, your heart will be filled with forgiveness.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: What would Musburger have to say about this?
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11:24PM on 04/18/2013
That second pic is heavenly!
That second pic is heavenly!
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