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Katie Holmes is looking better already

Jul. 5, 2012by: Droz

Actually, Katie Holmes is looking a little gaunt and severe with those weird bangs, but the rest of her seems to be doing okay, at least as far as the pages of Elle magazine say. It's certainly better than the worn out, haggard look she's usually sporting when spotted out and about on the streets of NYC. The details keep coming out about Katie's alleged revolt against scientology. Who knows what the deal is with that, but one thing you can say is that whatever those crazy kooks do to themselves to eliminate the creepy-crawlies they like to imagine infest their bodies, doesn't do anything for their looks. Surprising then that so many stars subscribe to this idiocy. You'd think anything that interfered with one's beauty would be an immediate cause for rejection. Then again, intelligence has never been a prerequisite for being an actor. Easy to imagine them being suckered into a faith that dries up their looks almost as fast as their bank accounts.

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