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Katy, KStew, Selena and more show massive Girl Love at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards

2 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
When you have a pop star who sling-shot her fame into the stratosphere by singing about kissing a girl, it makes sense that she'd be the quick to cuddle type. What's awesome about watching Katy Perry get close to all these young starlets at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards is that Nickelodeon approves of such (albeit PG-13) antics. Would this have been an awards ceremony over at the House of Mouse, I'm not sure the lap hopping would have been as warmly welcomed. Katy took turns making the moves on the infamously "dour" Kristen Stewart. I'd have to say that the only minor frown that crossed KStew's face was when Katy started spreading the love to Selena Gomez. Jealousy, maybe? Not to worry for too long, as Selena did make some side-hug time with KStew and later shared hugs with Jennette McCurdy as she was presented with an award that was voted on by kids who have far too little parental supervision. Jennette and her new co-star, Ariana Grande were as close as two contractually obligated young women can get and then it was all about Katy again, as Ariana slid over into a free seat to play demure and try not to get any John Mayer germs on her.

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9:20AM on 03/25/2013
Jennette and Selena look good.

No Victoria or Elizabeth?
Jennette and Selena look good.

No Victoria or Elizabeth?
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