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Katy Perry can show Kate Hudson how to get things off her chest

Oct. 12, 2012by: Droz

Maybe Kate Hudson had some help in her chest unloading approach from a lady that has all kinds of experience in that department - the bewbalicious Katy Perry, who was also on hand for the amFAR Inspiration Gala last night. She seems to have taught her student well, seeing as how of the two of them, Kate was the far more adventurous bewb revealer last night. Perhaps Katy is growing a bit more modesty in her old age. Say it ain't so, Katy. One thing though - why are they so close together in all these? They're practically embracing. Not that I mind. Just kind of curious. I didn't think these two ran in the same circles. Maybe Kate is tying to rub a little of Katy's impressive bewbage for good luck. Kind of like a titty Blarney Stone. She wants to increase her fortunes in the mammary department. Good luck with that, Kate. You've always got that nice ass to fall back on.

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Extra Tidbit: And it still looks like Katy's going down on the mic.

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5:18PM on 10/12/2012
Is this the first time we see Kate and Katy Hudson together?
Is this the first time we see Kate and Katy Hudson together?
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