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Katy Perry drops down on the Parachuting Championships in Dubai

Dec. 10, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
This isn't the first time that Katy Perry, the human version of Cosplay without the Cos or the Play, has taken to parachuting down onto a stage to perform for an audience. Back in 2010 she was also hooked up and floated down to eagerly awaiting troops who were frothing at the mouth to listen to her pop music and stare at her T&A in the USA. (I am aware that there are no images in that post I linked which show Perry parachuting to the stage, but she did. Trust me...) This time the princess of neon colors and latex costumes performed for the Parachuting Championships 2012, taking place in Dubai. It makes me giggle, thinking about how we all gaze at the antics of what rich white people can do with their spare time. Hell, it makes me a little jealous that you need to either be unemployed or born rich in order to appreciate what "spare time" really is. (Do you have some? Can you spare me a few of your minutes?) I tease but I love Katy Perry to death. She's my from-this-neck-of-the-woods girl and she works that saggy booty which her haters say she has, to the bone(r?). She couldn't make a marriage to Russell Brand work, but watch her concert film and understand just how hard she TRIED to. Sometimes love takes work. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise without being ready to reply with, "Pfft. Liar."

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Source: The National


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9:10AM on 12/10/2012
Like them thighs.
Like them thighs.
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