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Katy Perry fills out a ballot rather nicely (and Happy Birthday, Katy Perry!)

Oct. 25, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

It's Katy Perry's birthday today. That's right, our favorite whipped cream-spraying California girl turns 28 today. Hurrah! You'd think she'd be on stage covered in frosting with cherries on her nipples, but instead she's on stage at an Obama rally in Nevada dressed in a rubber voting ballot. I guess the idea here is to make voting seem more attractive (granted the actual ballot won't have bosoms). I don't know how most of you feel about celebrities looking to influence young voters (I could take it or leave it), but at least Katy managed to do it in a little outfit wrapped tightly to the contours of her body. That's all I ask (I'm looking at you Natalie Portman). Anyway, instead of talking politics, let's talk about what a big year our birthday girl has had. Just before the new year she thankfully split up with one douche (Russell Brand), and ultimately wound up with another (John Mayer). On a lighter note, she released her first big motion picture, KATY PERRY: PART OF ME, where she used 3-D technology to enhance her double-D's. Then, she recently turned Comedy Central into Dramedy Central with her duet with an autistic child on Night of Too Many Stars. Indeed, it's been an awfully big year for Katy, so instead of leaving you with one set of images, I'll add some more of her finer moments just to prove how special she really is. Happy Birthday to my teenage wet dream! (I hope she's reading).

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Source: The Superficial


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5:21AM on 10/26/2012
Oh well. She's still a babe.
Oh well. She's still a babe.
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