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Katy Perry gets leggy for Letterman

Aug. 26, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
Well, color me a rainbow, spank me and send me off into the world with the new name Skittles, I sincerely did not believe that Katy Perry was going to get a more than 90% positive ranking on her Hot or Not feature earlier this week. Why did I bother asking if she was ht seemed to be the question of the day. Because I've taken bucketloads of shit for the past two years for having the gall to post about her. Oh, that and the fact that according to the more than 500 votes that she has on her gallery profile, she's only a 6.3 hot level babe. So what's up, buttercups?? She looked lean, locked and leggy as she was preparing to head into see David Letterman the other night on the promotional tour for her latest album, "Teenage Dream," (which yes, I did buy the day that it came out and really find only "Peacock" to be in the caliber of goofy that she had on the first album) so I can't really see the fault in her. Perhaps you fans of the hot in Katy should go cast some high votes and pull up her overall score?

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Extra Tidbit: The guy's face in the third picture cracks me up.
Source: Hollywood Tuna
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8:12PM on 08/26/2010


Don't know whats up with the other guys, but she is bangin'.
Don't know whats up with the other guys, but she is bangin'.
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