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Katy Perry's lookin' good in these trippy bikini pics

Jul. 30, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

There was a rumor going around this week that Katy Perry was eying Robert Pattinson as potential dating material, as she sympathizes with him due to her divorce. Is everyone freakin' out yet?? Well relax, it's total bullshit. Moving on...

A small part of me was beginning to grow bored with Katy Perry bikini pics, only because with all the sexual vibes she puts out in her performance, she has yet to go full Aubrey O'Day on the beach for us this summer. Then again, I've learned to appreciate the more modest, well-behaved side of Katy. Oh, torn emotions. Well, if anything, this is an in-between moment for Katy, in which she's sexy but candid, as in real. I wouldn't mind sitting beside a pool, pretending to make eye-contact with the woman while she talks about her blah blah record deals and yada yada family, when I'm really just playing Magic Eye with her top. As you can see, her body is outstanding this season (that midriff is possibly the sexiest it's ever been). It's certainly nice to get a good, ground-level angle of sexy swimsuited songstress.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna
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I'm liking it
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