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Katy Perry is all smiles despite her tanking movie

Jul. 9, 2012by: Droz

Well, unfortunately it seems that the in's and out's of what it takes to do a Katy Perry concert aren't all that interesting to the majority of people, as her movie fell behind something like 7 other movies during its opening weekend. Too bad for Katy. She was working so hard to promote it, going all over the world to premieres, like the one in New Zealand where these fantastic shots of her were taken. You can say a lot about her wackiness, but when she takes off all the crap and gets down to a more simplified her, Katy is quite a beauty. And not just for the tits, although those are lovely. She's got a pair of beautiful eyes as well, not to mention the hair. One of these days she's going to stabilize a bit as maturity sets in (hopefully), at which point most of that goofy gear she gets into now will be replaced for more elegant attire like this. I look forward to that, as she looks her best when she doesn't try so hard.

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Drool Back
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5:04PM on 07/22/2012

Cute, sexy, beautiful...

That last pic kills me. So beautiful...
That last pic kills me. So beautiful...
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