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Katy Perry is the red-hot ticket at the EMAs

5 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
In their first outing as a married couple since their wedding last month, Russell Brand and Katy Perry stepped out for the European Video Music Awards looking as happy as one can expect a couple of newlyweds on a red carpet to look. Not sure if Katy is going for a more demure style now that she's landed the former sex-addict husband of her dreams, as she chose to wear a dress that, while possessing an appropriately short hemline, covered up her most famous attributes. The singer has been talking to a number of fashion magazines lately claiming everything from having wanted a breast reduction when she was a teenager because her sweater puppies were causing her back pain (something she says was resolved when she lost her "baby fat") to having no issues over whether she'll hold onto her Lothario hubby, stating that she's a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Only time will tell with these two.

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Source: Just Jared
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1:21PM on 11/08/2010
What a weird couple they make.
What a weird couple they make.
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11:58PM on 11/08/2010
Kinda reminds me of Billy Bob and Angelina or Tom Green and Drew.
Kinda reminds me of Billy Bob and Angelina or Tom Green and Drew.
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