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Katy Perry puts her own spin on the slutty catholic schoolgirl for Fallon

10.11.2013by: Droz

Did you guys check out Katy Perry on Jimmy Fallon's show the other night doing the shy, slutty school girl in pony tails thing? This is apparently the new theme she's been doing some variation on in most of her public appearances. Is it weird that seeing her like this made me think about how great she must be at sexual role play? She loves these little outfits so much for her stage shows, but think of all the interesting attire she keeps for private time. Sexy French maid? Naughty librarian? Abusive policewoman? Submissive native girl? Just imagine all the possibilities...

Using our imaginations about Katy may become all we have left, if the thoughts she expressed in a recent interview on the subject prove true. According to Katy, she feels like she's too old now to be doing twerking and stripping off in her videos and stage shows. She seems to feel like doesn't have the body for it anymore and wants to "keep the attention on [her] music." Katy, Katy, Katy. Look, I'm sure you love your music and so do a lot of your young fans. However, there are also a significant number of people out there who know nothing about your music and don't want to know. I represent those people and among our ranks are a ton of horny dads who salivate over your tits and sexy costumes. And I hate to break it to you Katy, but it's those guys who dole out the cash that buys their young daughters your albums, concert tickets and merch. You need to continue making sure those dads feel like they're getting something out of the deal. The best way to do that is keep the cleavage train going and shake that literal money-maker for as long as you can. As many a hot pop star before you has learned, the music is great and all, but it's the tits that pay the bills.


Extra Tidbit: I appreciate the tongue wag Katy, but keep it under control. Don't go full Miley.
Source: NBC



Drool Back
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5:02AM on 10/12/2013
Very nice.
Very nice.
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8:14PM on 10/11/2013
The things I would do to her.....ooooohhhh the things I would do.
The things I would do to her.....ooooohhhh the things I would do.
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