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Katy Perry tastes the rainbow and gives it some head time

Aug. 10, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
In an exclusive photoshoot with photographer Phil Knott (not to be confused with the man I wish was my landlord, har har), Katy Perry donned a bunch of different colored wigs and gave good face for the camera. With her next album, "Teenage Dream," getting released on August 24th and following up her hosting stint for the recent Teen Choice Awards, it makes sense that the singer and future voice to Smurfette is unavoidable nowadays. She did an interview to accompany the pictures, which will be featured in Guardian magazine where she reveals the secret to her relationship with comedian/actor Russell Brand. Says Katy, "It's all about communication. It's not about taming, because that won't last. Everyone gets saggy t--s. Not everything stays perfect. We all start to slow down. I think he was ready for change. I mean, you just don't have the stamina to be in bed with 80 different women a week when you're 35 and trying to do good work." Oh, Katy. How very wrong about men you are.

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Source: Popeater
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1:03PM on 08/10/2010
Liking the green one.
Liking the green one.
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