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Katy Perry gets weird again at the Part Of Me premiere in London

Jul. 4, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

What better excuse to "tie your shoes" than being near Katy Perry in this dress? The odd little number Katy wore at the London premiere of PART OF ME is just screaming a shot up the skirt, and yet I couldn't get my hands on one. This is why we need more little people photographers at these things. It looks like she's having trouble keeping balanced. I wonder if someone screwed up the sewing machine or something. She keeps on keepin' on with these premieres and doesn't seem too tired to stop and get kissed by the world's luckiest 1st grader. I've been digging up info on Katy since she's been doing press for the documentary, trying to find any reason to dislike her, because I've heard so many girls say they hate her, but I just can't. Other than her than her somewhat irritating music (which frankly isn't as craptastic as 90% of the other music on MTV), personality-wise, she's pretty freakin' cool. At least her image is her image, she writes her own stuff, is independent-thinking and works hard. Not to mention how she's dealt with her personal life when she hits a speed bump in the road. Instead of going all ballistic or taking a year off, she just gets right back on that horse (no, not Russell Brand).

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Extra Tidbit: Did anyone catch "Brand X with Russell Brand"? Wasn't it just horrible?
Source: NS4W
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