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Katy Perry's boobs pose for pictures with their fans

Dec. 3, 2013by: Droz

You ever do one of these post show meet and greet things? I did one recently with a comedian I'm a big fan of. The process essentially involves standing in line to take a picture with the star after the show. Then a few days later they upload everyone's pics to a website where you can download your cherished moment, print it out, frame it and add it to your shrine. These post show pics of Katy Perry posing with her fans were a little different than my experience. Where I was just mugging it up for the camera with my new comedian buddy, all these folks got to spend some time with Katy's literal sweater puppies, which understandably stole the show. They tend to do that. It's just their way.

Plenty of women standing in line for a picture on this night, but it's the guys who crack me up. They may like her music, but you know the real reason they were there, especially cheeky guy who doubled dipped on his Katy boobies experience. I can't blame him. I'd probably follow up my brief time with Katy by running to the back of the line with a fake beard and some glasses to have another go. Anything for another chance to up close and personal with those babies.

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Source: Superior Pics


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8:13PM on 12/03/2013
Cute outfit.
Cute outfit.
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4:21AM on 12/04/2013
She looks like Mia Wallace
She looks like Mia Wallace
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